From today, Laharon enters your home with a new line designed to offer you well-being during your daily activities and relaxation.

A set consisting of a pouf and four cushions combined, made of eco-friendly fabrics in 6 different colours and shades, so adaptable to every living space in your home.


These are the key concepts around which the new Laharon Home project is developed, with the importance of correct posture, which helps to relax the body and relieve tension, always at the centre.


Significantly increase one’s psycho-physical well-being during daily relaxation activities involving sitting on the floor

The cushions in the new set designed by Laharon are for everyone. Valuable supports for the spinal column, they help you adopt the right position during your leisure time at home, comfortably seated and relaxed.


Designed for adults reading a book or magazine while sitting on a cushion on the living room carpet or having a conversation with a guest over their favourite drink; but also for children watching a cartoon in front of the TV screen or enjoying their video games.
For all mums and dads when cuddling their newborn babies while watching them gently fall asleep.

Choose your well-being and take care of the people you love


Our pouf is a piece of furniture that can complete your room. Thanks to the choice of fabric, it fits into any room, from the living room to the bedroom. The entire structure is made of 1.8 cm multilayer wood to guarantee robustness and durability. The lifting system with specially designed bracket and gas piston allows the ottoman to be opened effortlessly thanks to the perfect weight balance. The spacious compartment under the seat can hold up to 4 Laharon Home pillows.


The Laharon Home range of cushions has been created with an elegant and refined design.
The pillows fit easily in your living room, e.g. placed next to the sofa or a coffee table, while maintaining the comfort and recognised anatomical characteristics of Laharon products.
Ideal for your daily relaxation moments: a meditation session, a cuddle time with your child, or a quiet afternoon at home drinking a cup of tea with a friend.

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