Discover the comfort revolution with Laharon! We bring directly into your home an exclusive collection designed to elevate every moment of your life and relaxation.

Immerse yourself in everyday luxury with our complete set of furniture and furnishings: avant-garde design seating, upholstered with fine, eco-friendly fabrics, and magnificent, expertly handcrafted Italian oak furniture. Elegance meets sustainability, just for you.


These are the key concepts around which the new Laharon Home project is developed, always focusing on the importance of correct posture and a positive attitude that helps to relax the body and relieve tension.

"VASO" shelf

The ‘Vaso’ shelf is handcrafted in brushed Italian oak by Laharon® Design.
The clean and essential lines of the hand-carved planks, combined with the fine material, make this furnishing accessory unique and refined.


The peculiarities of each oak plank with its colours and grain make each shelf unique. A refined collector’s item to embellish your rooms. Each piece of furniture comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Laharon archives proving its origin and serial number.

"PURA" sofa

Laharon’s ‘Pura’ sofa has established itself as the undisputed best seller of the collection, redefining the very essence of the sofa through innovative features. With its deconstructed design and revolutionary proportions, ‘Pura’ offers a low, deep seat designed for relaxed and informal comfort. This sofa is the epitome of comfort, making it irresistibly cosy with its down-filled cushions.

Recognising evolving lifestyles and emerging daily needs, Laharon has reinvented the experience of sitting on the sofa. In addition to relaxing, watching TV and reading, today the sofa also becomes a space for working and sometimes dining. This vision has led Laharon to reinvent the armrest, offering both an upholstered version and one with an elegant oak element, perfect as a support surface.

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