The Laharon project

Laharon started in 2015 from a small room in Luxembourg where its founder Davide Galuppi, while practising meditation, realised how important it was to assume a correct posture that would help to relax the body and relieve muscle tension in order to concentrate better and immerse fully in the experience of meditation, rooting the body in the ground.

The creator

Davide has always been a keen athlete: swimming, boxing, tennis, judo, gymnastics, freediving, basketball and trekking are just some of the sports he practises that give him a solid foundation not only in his soul, but also in his motor skills. He also practises Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates and performs various types of massage, including craniosacral biodynamics. Davide is first and foremost a dreamer, a person who understood right from the start that in life you must not give up in the face of goals that seem like mere mirages, that you must not abandon your objectives that seem almost impossible, and that the only limit you can have in life is the one you choose to set for yourself. That’s why, without a second thought, he decided to come back to Italy to develop his idea.

It took years of planning, of nights spent in the garage carving in plaster the shape of what would become the perfect cushion, testing the product in sessions of more than 10 consecutive hours for each attempt.

He finally succeeded and wants to share his results with you!

Today, Laharon is able to offer a product that provides everyone with the perfect posture and significantly increases the well-being of the user.

The Laharon product line

The research into body posture and methods for improving it did not end after the development of Lotus Pro, Laharon's first patented and certified product. We understood that improving one's posture is not only a requirement for people who practise meditation and sport, but also for anyone who wants to be more comfortable with their body. This led to the creation of the UP supports, Dhyāna and Zabuton.

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